Street Soccer Brand

Calle Primero Ball

Named one of CNN’s killer startups, Calle is a street soccer company my friends and I co-founded. The custom ball and apparel have won awards and competitions, and have sold in stores and catalogs worldwide.

Calle Shoes

Calle is both an ‘ownable’ brand for the avid soccer player/fan, and a manufacturer of balls, shoes, and apparel made to enjoy taking beatings on the asphalt. It is sold in over 100 stores in the USA, Canada, and Internationally. The marketing is grass-roots with stickers on signs and wheat plaster posters.

Calle hangtag sticker

Apparel hang tags come with stickers to tag up street signs near places to play.

Pigeon Curse Poster

Jester Trick

Calle Headrest Poster

Before smartphones, Foursquare, and yelp, there was Calle Underground. We created a geo-social network for players to find each other’s Calle games in real-time via SMS or the web.

Calle Underground